Hamlet-Mobile is an immersive, site-specific adaptation of Shakespeare's Hamlet staged in a cargo van. It consists of 8 different short pieces performed for audiences of 1 to 4 people. On a given night, the Hamlet-Mobile parks in a predetermined location then perform one of the eight pieces on a loop for a three hour block. 

Hamlet-Mobile is intimate, personal, and weird. It involves moving in and around the van. It involves physical and emotional contact between actor and audience. It loves and hates Hamlet. It 

For another perspective on the van, read the LA Weekly's feature on Hamlet-Mobile. (Or check out all the press from our first run here.)


Hamlet-Mobile is performing its eight pieces throughout Los Angeles from October 18th to November 19th. Tickets are available here

When you buy a ticket for the van, you will need to pick the exact day and time of your ride. You will be told an approximate location of the van; the exact parking spot of the van will be texted to you one hour before the show. 

Your entire Hamlet-Mobile experience will run 20-25 minutes.


Hamlet-Mobile consists of eight short pieces. Each of the pieces is a remix of a major character, moment, or theme from Hamlet. The pieces are:

  1. Family Feud wherein we meet the royal family and see how they hold court. 
  2. Advice from Dad wherein Hamlet is visited by his dad.
  3. Break-Up Sex wherein Hamlet and Ophelia have it out.
  4. Interior. Kitchen. Night wherein we answer the question "to be or not to be."
  5. Crown | Ambition | Queen wherein Claudius and Gertrude circle one another, the van, and the truth.
  6. Girl With Flowers wherein Ophelia, Polonius, and Hamlet get mad.
  7. The Dumb Show where we perform a play within a play. 
  8. The Gravedigger Hotboxes the Van wherein you get your van fixed and a free Gatorade.